About company Today

Currently, the main activity of the company is the rental and sale of wagons. In addition, the company offers a wide variety of services related to wagon rentals. It provides services that range from the delivery of wagons, their maintenance and repair through to wagon modernisation.

The company has customers all over Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, etc.). We offer different types of wagons depending on the freight to be transported: coal, cement, coke, steel products, wood, containers and others.

The company cooperates with repair facilities in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

The AXBENET fleet currently has more than 4,500 wagons and the number keeps increasing.


  • bases its activities on an excellent knowledge of the market and privileged relationships with suppliers and purchasers.
  • offers flexibility and customisation according to the specific needs and requirements of customers.
  • operates with a customer oriented philosophy.


In 2018, our company received a special award in TOP 10 Companies in Trnava Region in the category "DYNAMICALLY GROWING COMPANY WITH POTENTIAL" . The ranking was compiled by Hospodárske noviny in cooperation with partners: General Partner UniCredit Bank, expert guarantor Deloitte and expert and data partner Bisnode. The goal of the ranking is to reward companies which by their responsible approach contribute to the quality of business environment in Slovakia.


In the summer of 2009, the company created a joint venture with a Swiss company, AAE Cargo, which in 2015, became part of VTG, a. s.


In 2003, AXBENET produced a prototype Rils-type wagon in cooperation with a foreign repair factory. This type was designed in such a way that it would fulfil the requirements and needs of customers thanks to improvements and simplifications of operation and better safety of the freight.

Branch offices were in Poland and the Czech Republic. These were to ensure closer relationships with customers and a more flexible response to their needs.


AXBENET, s. r. o., Kapitulská 6, Trnava, registered office: A. Žarnova 1, was established in 1994 in Trnava.

To begin with, the company mostly dedicated itself to consulting activities in the railway sector and the sale of spare parts (wheelsets, monoblocks, brake systems, etc.). Once the company was established in the field, it expanded its activities to railway freight wagon sales and rentals.